The Amortization Calculator

At EZ Online Mortgage, we are committed to a high quality of service. In the spirit of making your mortgage process as simple and stress-free as possible, we’ve provided you with an array of FREE online tools, of which the Amortization Calculator is one.

The Amortization Calculator can compute a monthly payment and can schedule for a loan amortization. You simply enter the price of the real estate you want to purchase and the amount of the loan you need through EZ Online Mortgage. Then enter a market related interest rate, loan term, the homeowner’s annual insurance percentage, real estate tax percentage, and a prime mortgage insurance percentage. When you click on the Calculate Mortgage Payment button, you will see a monthly revue from your Amortization Calculator, and by clicking on Create Printable Amortization Schedule, a separate browser window will give you a monthly payment plan. Handy!

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